Discover our 4 stars hotel, located in the ski resort of Sinaia, in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains.

Ten minutes walk away from King of Romania's castle, with a great view on the mountains, our hotel offers you the opportunity to spend beautiful winter sports holydays, as well as an unforgettable summer vacation in altitude, with multiple activities (ATV, hiking, rock climbing, etc..) in a luxurious place.

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The building is inspired by Austrian chalets. The interior was completely renovated in 2012.

Each suite has at least a private room, bathroom (some with Jacuzzi), minibar, coffee machine, wireless internet and TV.

For businesses, a spacious conference room can be rent for free.

Many tourist activities are available: ATV, mountain trek with a guide, climbing, visits to historical sites, etc.

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Short history of Sinaia

The first written mention of the town dates from 1581 when the presence of the chapel Saint-Nicolas was indicated. Prince (Spatarul) Mihail Cantacuzino founded the monastery upon his return from a pilgrimage to Mount Sinai. The first buildings were completed between 1690 to 1695. It was designed to serve as a monastery as well as a fortified stronghold on the route from Brasov to Bucharest. The monastery is closed to the Peles Castle, near the hotel.

At the end of the nineteenth century Sinaia became more and more famous after King Carol I of Romania decides to built his summer residence: the Peles Castle. Many others residences were built: the castle Pelisor offered to the Prince Ferdinand and his wife Mary, a casino and a train station on the new railway line. It is noteworthy that the famous Orient Express stops for several hours in Sinaia, during his trip from Paris to Istanbul.

After the seizure of power by the Communists and the exile of King Mihai I, the royal castle and its dependencies become property of the State and were dedicated for the leaders of the new regime. After the Romanian Revolution of 1989, the Peles Castle was transformed into a museum and become the property of the king. It is open to public.